Gallery of African Art & Lahd Gallery present:
Africa My Africa - Connecting Boundaries
Group Exhibition featuring Edward Akrout
October - December 3, 2016. London, England. 

ARTinTRA presents:
Group Exhibition featuring 'Echoes' by Edward Akrout
February 2016. Athens, Greece. 

Artist Statement:

Follow the axiom that a sound is universal; that once a sound becomes a word a boundary is created. Edward Akrout examines in this study how language is used to define the world around us, through his three main themes of family, flesh and spirit.

Considering that different art forms are regarded as different languages, this room echoes Akrout’s discovery of the conflict existing between sounds and words in the spiritual, physical and social practice. This exploration made evident the boundaries that applied to Akrout’s own life, whether existing between words and fine art or philosophy and acting.

The Hoxton Hotel & Hoxtown Gallery present:
Solo Exhibition by Edward Akrout
October - January 2016. London, England. 

Artist Statement:

First Impression was inspired by the travels of artist Edward Akrout.

The collection originated in New York in the fall of 2013 when Akrout was left immobile due to a back injury. Despite being paralyzed from pain, the city’s energy inspired him; dragging Akrout from his solitude to the streets. He fueled his emotions into an array of contemporary abstract drawing and paintings. Akrout continued to create pieces upon the return to his native Paris in 2014 and completed the series in London at the beginning of this year.

Whether Akrout was bumping into characters on the sidewalks of New York or people watching along the Seine, his work has stemmed from numerous stories and portraits of vibrant individuals. In addition to every narrative being greater than the last. Here is the first impression that the world made on him, and the first he will make on you.